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Elliott Wave Focus / Index Insight
by Paul Strunk
Simply the best Elliott Wave analysis of the US stock market on the planet

Trading Pit Forum - I focus on calling direction and price targets for the S&P 500.  I post an average of ten charts per day in all time frames.  I do not recommend individual stocks.  You can trade your favorite ETFs, indexes, index options, or your favorite widely held stock.  You can, with greater confidence, play long or short because you have a high probability knowledge of the market's direction and target.  

On a special instruction board,  found in the forum, you will find a full explanation of the very latest understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle.   Included is an extensive study of the rules and guidelines governing each wave.  The wave relationships are explained and illustrated.

There have been many advancements in understanding wave ratios and statistical studies in the last few years that have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of applying The Elliott Wave Principle.   These are incorporated into my Elliott Wave analysis.

The thing that separates my service from the many stockmarket sites on the web is the fact I am present in the forum throughout the trading day.  I am available to provide commentary and charts.  I answer questions, both public and private.   No comment by anyone is ever criticized or mentioned when proved wrong and kudos are offered when right.

Some forum participants are beginners and others are seasoned traders.  All are very gracious and helpful.  

You are invited to join my members, many of whom have been with me for over ten years, in the Trading Pit Forum.

If you are not satisfied you may cancel your subscription at any time before your next installment.  Simply click the subscribe button below and follow the simple instructions.  The subscription rate is a  mere $20 per month.

When subscribing please send an Email to   with your preferred Username and Password and I will register you in the Forum and provide a link.