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Elliott Wave Focus / Index Insight
      by Paul Strunk

What would it be worth to you to have a good idea what the stock market index levels will be next year, month, week, day or hour?  

I focus on calling the S&P index direction and price targets.  Possibilities are explored and you get my highest probability projection of direction, price and time I do not recommend individual stocks but rather focus on the direction and target of the overall market. You can trade your favorite ETFs, indexes, index options or your favorite widely held stock. You can, with greater confidence, play long or short because you have a high probability knowledge of where the markets are going and when.

In the TRADING PIT Forum I post on average 10 charts per day covering all time frames. I am there during market hours with play by play commentary to walk you through the trading day. 


On  a special instruction board found in the forum you will  find a full explanation of the very latest of Elliott Wave Principle. Included is an extensive study of the rules and guidelines governing each wave. The wave relationships are explained and illustrations of the patterns that make up Elliott Wave are shown.  There have been many advancements in understanding wave ratios and new statistical studies the last few years that have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of Elliott Wave. 


What makes this service any different from the thousands of other stock market websites?   I am there watching the waves unfold and commenting live as it happens.  I hold nothing back and tell you what I am thinking and why I am thinking it.   The possible outcomes are examined and the probabilities determined.  I am always out on a limb.  You may comment and ask questions as I share what I see on the charts.  You do not just get a daily or weekly review and then a tentative forecast of what might happen.


If you are a trader in any time frame or would like to become one, I invite you to take the next step and join the TRADING PIT.


You may access the TRADING PIT Forum for only $20 per month. That is about a dollar per trading day. If it fails to meet your expectations you may cancel your subscription.


Please send an E-mail to    paulstrunk@sbcglobal.net    If you have a question.   


If you wish to subscribe at this time, click the subscribe button, follow instructions and send me an E-mail with your desired username and password. To cancel subscription you simply E-mail your request to me before your next scheduled payment and I will send you a confirmation of cancellation.  You may also  cancel your subscription at Pay Pal,

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